Flash Fiction Winner: ‘The Gift’

December’s winner of the Flash Fiction Competition is Nicky – congratulations!  Her interpretation of December’s theme, ‘the gift’, was thought to be interesting and original, and was achieved in only 100 words!

Read her winning entry below:

You ok in there? Been a long time since I had any sign from you. Must be getting cramped now. Thinking about being reunited on the outside causes a rush of hot blood to flow across my chest. Can’t wait to feel you on my skin, hold you in my arms, smell you. Our bond is like no other. You’ll take away the pain of those who didn’t make it out. We’ve come this far together. You’re a keeper, I’m sure. I curl up under the sheets, as far as my ballooning stomach allows. Not long now, baby, not long.

The Flash Fiction Competition is returning on Monday 1st August 2016.  Check the Flash Fiction page for more information, including previous months’ themes!


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