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I’ve loved using my 642 Tiny Things to Write About book recently – even just flicking through it to get creativity flowing has been helpful.  It’s amazing what ideas pop into your head when you’re given the beginnings of a story, or even just a few words.  So, after scouring the pages of my copy of the book, I’ve found six very different prompts that will stretch your imagination to places far from home!

1.) Plot a story about a disastrous vacation involving two families in the same house.

2.) Aloha!  You’re a lost tourist on a locals-only beach in Hawaii.  Talk your way out of a night mugging, using only surfer slang and sea turtle metaphors.

3.) A note in a bottle you found washed up on the shores of Disney World’s Lake Buena Vista Water Park.

4.) What is number three in your top list of places you want to go?

5.) Think about an event that happened while you were traveling abroad, and tell your story from a local’s point of view.

6.) Randomly choose a word or phrase in a foreign language that you don’t know, and write a translation.

642 Tiny Things To Write About

I found number 6 particularly interesting, especially as I’ve been (very gradually) learning some French.  A lot of the time I can guess the meaning of a French word, but other times the assumption I make takes me completely off course!

If you’re interested in the writing prompts book I’ve been using, check out the links below:

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