To Many More Seasons of Blogging


Next year my Wandering Words domain will be five years old, which means it has been with me through almost all of my young adult life.  If it were a child, I would be holding its hand to the school gates and waving it goodbye as it started its first day.

It has transformed a little in that time.  I first created it because I wanted a space to bring creative writers together, and for a year I developed an anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories from visitors excited to share their work.  After a successful first anthology, I quickly found that I was so hungry to write something of my own that I wanted a space to post my thoughts and creativity.  I switched to WordPress, and Wandering Words as you know it was born.

This blog has seen it all and I often wonder whether my readers know the seasons this website has weathered.  Is it obvious when times have been rough; does it show in my tone, in my choice of content?

There have been some big moments over these last few years.  In my second month of posts, my parents told me they were getting a divorce.  When I posted about my insane trip to Japan, I never mentioned it was so crazy because my relationship ended whilst we were over there.

The moments aren’t all sad though.  I went on adventures, I fell in love again, made new friends, saw my small family grow a little bigger, completed my degree.  I’ve talked about my blog in successful job interviews, got a buzz that my half-a-decade old hobby has led to opportunities in the real world.

I’m indecisive, but keeping my blog alive is one of the few things I’ve always had absolute certainty about.  My activity might ebb and flow with my schedule, but I’m always checking in, making sure it’s ok.  It’s like an old friend to me now, one whose friendship I value everyday.

So, here’s to many more seasons of blogging – I hope you’ll stay to weather them with us.

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