One of a Kind: The Resurrectionist

I’ve recently returned from MCM London Comic Con, an amazing (and exhausting) weekend that warrants its own post, so I won’t go on about it now. Among the stands, however, I found myself at the Quirk Books shop, the publisher of such books as Geekerella and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

I love books that are just a little bit different, so when I saw The Resurrectionist, I knew I had to buy it!

The Resurrectionist

There are two parts to the book. The first half is the biography of the crazy Dr. Spencer Black, a man who believes that humans have descended from mythical beasts like mermaids and minotaurs.

The Resurrectionist

The second half is essentially the bit that sold me on this book – detailed anatomical illustrations of mythical beasts, which the author apparently illustrated himself.

The Resurrectionist

The Resurrectionist The Resurrectionist

I’m blown away by the level of detail in Hudspeth’s drawings – such an incredibly talented man!  I’ve never seen mythical creatures like this before, and somehow it makes them feel less fictional.  The drawings of the faun even gave me chills as it had so many similarities to a human.

You can check out the Quirk Books website here:

Happy reading!


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