The Problem I Have With Winnie the Pooh

I have been trying to read Winne the Pooh as part of Amazon’s 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime list, and I am now faced with a bit of a dilemma…

The think my problem with it probably stems from the fact I was never read it as a child.  Maybe then I would have fond memorie2065398s of it, and reading the book would have had a certain amount of nostalgic value attached to it, or something like that.

Of course I am familiar enough with the story to know the settings and characters. As it stands though, I am really finding the book to be a bit of a drag.

The narrative is certainly interesting, how it switches between the narrator at home with Christopher Robin and then the fictional world with Pooh. At times this can be a bit frustrating, and I want to shake Milne and tell him to get on with the story.

Pooh also has a very repetitive way of speaking that is a tiny bit annoying:

‘If only I hadn’t-‘ he said, as he bounded twenty feet on to the next branch.

‘You see, what I meant to do,’ he explained, as he turned head-over-heels, and crashed on to another brnach thirty feet below, ‘what I meant to do-‘

‘Of course, it was rather-‘ he admitted, as he slithered very quickly through the next six branches.

Has anyone else had this problem when reading a children’s classic, or any classic? You feel you should like it because of its prestige but you just don’t?  Of course, I’m going to persist.  If I can’t get through Winnie the Pooh then there really isn’t any hope for me.


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