The New Bohemians

If everything goes to plan, I’ll be moving into a new house next year.  It will be an exciting development in my life, and one that I feel should be marked with a shift in lifestyle.  I’ve been working hard this year on self-care, creating a healthier me, with a longing to connect to the world in a more natural, less technological way.  My research led me to bohemianism, a lifestyle that puts greater focus on spirituality and artistic pursuits.  While I can’t say I’ll be taking on a total bohemian existence, I love the bohemian ‘spirit’ and the idea of a freer, more creative approach to life.  So, after discovering the beautiful lifestyle blog Jungalow and being instantly inspired, I swiftly went on to buy The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes, written by the blog’s owner, Justina Blakeney.

The New Bohemians

The book explores different types of bohemian lifestyles – from modern and earthy, to romantic and folksy – by looking at twenty homes.  At the end of each home there is an ‘Adopt an Idea’ section, where the author reveals tips for recreating some of the features in a cheap and easy way.  I was glad for these, as many of the homeowners had design/creative backgrounds, and the means to really mould a space into what they wanted; it was nice to know that quick fixes were available!

The New Bohemians

The quality of the paper is high, though really you’d expect nothing less of a book filled with textiles.  The photographs are fascinating to look at, even though many of the rooms look suspiciously tidy and staged.  I think I would have liked to have seen more spaces that reflected day-to-day living a little more, though I guess I would have hoovered the floor too if I’d known a photographer was coming over… I got the impression that some of the participants were using the opportunity of being featured in the book to self-promote their businesses, which takes away from the whole whimsy feel a bit for me.  Saying that though, I understand that a bohemian lifestyle often blends work and leisure within the same space, so maybe I’m just nitpicking.

The New Bohemians

I’ve never owned a book like this before, and I am so happy with my purchase.  As well as a source of inspiration for my new house, it is also motivating to see people who have been bold enough to take spaces and make them work for their daily lives.

The author’s stunning lifestyle blog is well worth a visit:

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