The Happy News

The Happy News

Growing weary of all the gloomy news of late, I was pleased when a surprise popped through my letterbox: The Happy News!  I had completely forgotten that I had ordered it earlier in the year, so I welcomed its arrival with open arms.

The newspaper, created by Emily Coxhead, was made to “celebrate all that’s good in the world”, a response to the negativity and sadness in much of modern media.  In addition to being a source of positive news, it is also beautifully illustrated by Emily herself, and so colourful and cheerful.

People being happy for people who are happy is such a magic thing.
– Emily Coxhead

The Happy News

The paper covers a range of news from around the world in a clear, digestible way.  You’ll find headings like ‘World’s Oldest Man Credits Cake, Hot Springs and Sumo Wrestling’, and ‘Homeless Helped By Four Year Old Superhero’ – I promise you, you’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling from almost every one of them.  There are also illustrated quotes, recipes, fun facts (did you know that a group of rabbits is called a fluffle?) and advice pages.

It is not only informative, too.  Several articles have actually inspired me to make changes in my life to offer a little more to people and the community.

Did you know?  The voice of Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger, Jim Cummings, calls children’s hospitals in his spare time to cheer up sick children.
– The Happy News

For a little injection of happy into your day, you can check out The Happy News website here.

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  1. 19th July 2018 / 9:03 pm

    What a wonderful idea :O I really love this. As a librarian i love to see ppl doing news in a different way. Ppl think today our world is more cruel due to things they read in the news. But the problem isnt that more things are happening but that we wasnt exposed to all of it before.

    So i think its good to see the good things and not the bad things.

    • 18th August 2018 / 5:00 pm

      Yeah, I absolutely agree! Perhaps your library needs to start stocking The Happy News! It is nice to have a channel dedicated purely to positive events – with social media now especially, it is far too easy to be exposed to unhappy situations, and I think that can really get people down.

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