The Book Photo Challenge

I’ve discovered a number of fun book challenges during my time as a book blog on Tumblr. One of the most popular of these is the Book Photo Challenge hosted by Books and Cupcakes. Each month a list is revealed with a theme for each day; participants of the challenge must take a photograph which combines the theme with books.

I must admit, I’m pretty useless at completing the challenge and out of three attempts, I have only completed it once. However, books have a real aesthetic quality to them, and I love taking photos of them. I’m certainly no photographer but some bloggers take the challenge very seriously, and personally I find that it is a fun way of showing off to the world some of the more underrated books in my collection.

Below are my five favourite contributions to the challenge:

April Book Photo Challenge, Day 10, ‘Female Author’

Jodi Picoult, scattered randomly throughout my book collection. Wall art print by Girl In The Rain.

February Book Photo Challenge, Day 23, ‘Reading Playlist’

February Book Photo Challenge, Day 7, ‘Female Author’

Audrey Niffenegger with Elmer, who got his ear nibbled by our dog a few years ago.

June Book Photo Challenge, Day 10, ‘Currently Reading’

June Book Photo Challenge, Day 6, ‘Reading Spot’

Do you participate in any book challenges or take photos of your books as a hobby or for art?  Comment below!


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