The 1000 Miles Challenge

One of my goals for 2019 was to reach a healthy BMI, and like many fitness resolutions, self-motivation for this one fizzled out a little as the year went on.  I recently bought a treadmill for keeping fit during the colder periods of the year, and with that purchase tried to think of a way I could use the final months of 2019 productively.  I need to be as healthy as possible for my operation, and so to make sure I kept active I decided to create… The 1000 Miles Challenge!

Since I’ve always aimed to lose weight for fitness and health reasons opposed to aesthetic ones, I wanted a challenge that focused on keeping fit, rather than counting the lbs lost each week on the scales.  So, I looked at what I had – my treadmill, my step counter, and my own two feet – and thought about how I could use those things to push myself for the next few months.

On a typical work day, I walk around 10,000 steps (approx. 5 miles), and thought it would be fun to try to double this figure.  That would mean walking about 1000 miles by the end of the year, as we have around 100 days left now – phew!

I love walking, but sure like my relaxing hobbies like gaming and going to the cinema, so to give myself that extra boost, I have devised a set of badges for each step of the challenge.  Each badge represents a reward I will receive when I reach a certain number of miles.

  • 250 miles – a little gift to myself (a Switch game, or a lovely hardback book)
  • 500 miles – a bigger gift to myself (a big strategy board game, most likely!)
  • 750 miles – a day trip (somewhere out of the ordinary, paid for by the lovely Neil – nice to have him on board with this one!)
  • 1000 miles – a holiday (it doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic, but we have never been away somewhere for the sake of it, we tend to go on holiday when we have gigs to attend in other cities)

I love the idea of using the badges as milestones, as it is so easy to slip into bad habits when there isn’t structure or clear goals.  I’ve read a lot into fitness motivation, and though I would love to say that feeling fitter is enough motivation in itself, I’m certainly someone who benefits from incentives (nothing makes me power walk home faster from work than knowing that there is a new episode of the Apprentice to watch!).

So, fingers crossed I can reach my goals, and walk 1000 miles before the year is out!

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