Ten Years of Letters

Recently, when looking through old letters, my friend realised that we had been writing to each other for ten years.  Ten years!  That’s almost half of my life!  Though for much of that time we have lived within the same county, life has often taken us to the other end of the country, and sending mail has always been a simple yet personal way of touching base with each other during those months.

Learning of our decade as pen pals, I was inspired to read through my own box of mail from my friend, full of everything from dozen-page letters to handmade postcards cut from magazines.

10 Years of Letters

It really was a trip down memory lane – mail from holidays, mail following break-ups or sent during periods of homesickness for a bit of comfort.  Many of the letters I can barely remember, recalling times I had long forgotten.

It’s been a year since we last wrote to each other, but reading our old letters has rekindled our longing to be pen pals again.  With life constantly changing as it does, it is nice to feel grounded when a message from an old friend is pushed through the letterbox.


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