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A Peek Inside My Sketchbook

A Peek Inside My Sketchbook

I’ve recently joined The Sketchbook Project 2018, where creative types fill a sketchbook and send it to Brooklyn Art Library to be a part of their permanent collection.  With my sketchbook on the way – I’ll be sure to do a full post on this when it arrives, as I’m so excited – I’ve decided to show you all a peek inside my current sketchbook.

My favourite mediums are ink and watercolour, but I’d love to expand my knowledge and dabble in more mixed media.  My biggest inspiration at the moment is my sister, whose art portfolio is filled to the brim with just about everything and anything you can imagine.


I love to splash paint about and make a mess.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes (all the time) I smudge the paint before it dries.


I love art with a Gothic influence, and had the idea of doing a set of postcards celebrating Gothic literature.  The design below was the first I did with this series in mind, which ended up being digitially enhanced and made into a birthday card for a book-loving friend.  However, I always preferred the shadowing in the original, even if the lettering is too close to the edge of the page.


What’s inside your sketchbook?  I’d love to see!


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October 21, 2017

Start Where You Are

On the eleventh day of Bookmas…

start where you are

Those who have seen my shelves at home will know that I love keeping journals.  I kept a diary when I was in primary school, and have dabbled in all sorts of different journals since then – from scrapbooks and Smashbooks to my current journal (a positive-thinking book full of quotes, published by Knock Knock, link here to those who are interested).

My shelves are sagging under the weight of all my notebooks and journals from over the years!

For Christmas I was gifted Start Where You Are, a self-exploration book by artist Meera Lee Patel.  It is a book about finding out who you are, through writing and drawing prompts, although the pages are so beautiful that I can barely bring myself to taint them with my scribbles!  Each page has a thought-provoking quote, illustrated by Meera in watercolour.

My plan is to work through the book throughout 2016, though it is just as likely I will cut out all the quotes and frame them!

start where you are pageI highly recommend checking out Meera’s blog on her website, which offers an insight into her work, and lots of beautiful photos of her life and art.

I personally think that journals have made a huge comeback over the last few years, and there seems to be huge selections of normal and creative journals in most bookshops I visit. Do you keep a journal? Has reflecting on life with pen and paper (and sometimes scissors and glue and glitter!) become fashionable again, or does the blogging world reign supreme?

Start Where You Are is available to buy at The Book Depository.


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January 4, 2016

Creative Corner: Letters To My Future Self (Places I Want To Visit)


Just a short post today!  It only seemed appropriate to do a travel-themed letter this week for my time capsule envelopes: Letters To My Future Self.  These have been really fun to do; I can’t wait to open them (though I’m going to have a while to wait).

Letters to my future self

Places I Want To Visit

A snippet for you:

I could list at least twenty countries, each with a certain appeal, a distinctive whisper that calls my name.  I want to see Japan, Norway, America, Australia, Germany.  I want to whale-watch, visit places seeped in history, walk up mountains, meditate, soak up the world and just be.

What would you write in your envelope?  Which places do you want to see?  Comment below!


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Wanderlust Week runs annually on the first week of August, celebrating wanderlust and adventure through travel posts on the blog.
August 5, 2015

Creative Corner: Letters To My Future Self (These Are My Roots…)


I have recently completed my first time capsule message for Letters To My Future Self , a book of letters to write to the future you (see earlier post).

The theme of the first letter was ‘these are my roots’, and I decided to set the opening date for 2023, when I’ll be 30.  It seemed like a good age to reinforce my roots, make sure I am still grounded and in touch with my family.

Here’s a little snippet:

My ancestors worked on farms – they were strong and self-sufficient, hardworking in nature.  I’d like to think that I am all of the above, even though there is some tweaking left to do.

I found the one page of paper the book offers wasn’t quite enough, and so I had to source extra sheets from my own collection (which wasn’t the end of the world).  Condensing my roots to less than thirty lines was something I just wasn’t prepared to do!  I’m looking forward to doing some more of these over the next few weeks.

Letters To My Future Self is available to buy on The Book Depository.


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May 30, 2015

Creative Corner: Letters To My Future Self

For my birthday, I was gifted a little activity book called Letters To My Future Self: A Paper Time Capsule. The idea is to write messages to the future you about a range of topics, and to decide on a date for the messages to be reopened again.  I have always had a soft spot for diaries/time capsules, so I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Letters to my future self
There are twelve unique envelopes which fold out to reveal a writing space inside.

Click on each topic for a snippet of what I’ve written in each one:

  • These are my roots
  • Where I want to go
  • All the things I’d like to try someday
  • This is what I live for
  • It was an extraordinary day
  • I promise to myself
  • There’s no place like home
  • A pep talk for the future me
  • This is a letter about my love
  • I never want to forget this
  • Two blank envelopes for any extra topic ideas: Places I want to visit

Letters To My Future Self is available on The Book Depository.


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May 28, 2015