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On the eleventh day of Bookmas…

start where you are

Those who have seen my shelves at home will know that I love keeping journals.  I kept a diary when I was in primary school, and have dabbled in all sorts of different journals since then – from scrapbooks and Smashbooks to my current journal (a positive-thinking book full of quotes, published by Knock Knock, link here to those who are interested).

My shelves are sagging under the weight of all my notebooks and journals from over the years!

For Christmas I was gifted Start Where You Are, a self-exploration book by artist Meera Lee Patel.  It is a book about finding out who you are, through writing and drawing prompts, although the pages are so beautiful that I can barely bring myself to taint them with my scribbles!  Each page has a thought-provoking quote, illustrated by Meera in watercolour.

My plan is to work through the book throughout 2016, though it is just as likely I will cut out all the quotes and frame them!

start where you are pageI highly recommend checking out Meera’s blog on her website, which offers an insight into her work, and lots of beautiful photos of her life and art.

I personally think that journals have made a huge comeback over the last few years, and there seems to be huge selections of normal and creative journals in most bookshops I visit. Do you keep a journal? Has reflecting on life with pen and paper (and sometimes scissors and glue and glitter!) become fashionable again, or does the blogging world reign supreme?

Start Where You Are is available to buy at The Book Depository.


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  1. January 4, 2016 / 7:41 pm

    I like to keep many kinds of journals, However I can be terrible at updating them all. this year I have taken a small week by week 2016 Planner diary and am using it as a “write a line about your day” Diary. as i used to be awful at keeping up with day by day ones when I was a child, however I love creative journals and have at least 10 on my shelves

    • January 4, 2016 / 10:37 pm

      I am the same! It has taken years to fill some of my journals; I often neglect them for months at a time! I like the concept of your 2016 journal – I’ve just bought another book called A Year In Colour, which has journal space and a picture to colour in each week. Let’s hope we remember to update them! 🙂

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