Saying Farewell to 2016

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!  I had a busy but great lead up to the big day, and made lots of new memories with my friends and family over the festive break.

I was also thrilled to add some new books to my shelves too:

  • Mostly Void, Partially Stars
  • Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye
  • My Japanese Boyfriend Thinks I’m Crazy
  • Hokkaido Highway Blues

I’m now full of food and readying myself for the end of the year – I’m certain I’m not the only one to be happy to see the back of 2016.

It has by no means been an easy year – for the world or for me personally.  But I’ve also done a lot of new, wonderful things this year too, including a fair bit of traveling:

I visited Japan – the furthest I’d ever traveled across the world!
Roman Baths
I visited Bath for the first time (and thought it was the most beautiful city in England).
I went on a wonderfully fun road trip to Cornwall with my friends.

…as well as visiting lots of other cool places!

I’ve read a lot of fantastic literature this year too, and done some of my best writing.  My novel is now months, not years, away from being in a position to send out – that’s something I could only have dreamed of a year ago!

2016 really has been a year of change – not all good, but certainly not all bad either.  I achieved most of my new year’s resolutions, which I blogged about this time last year, so in that sense I can call the year a success!

I’ve been thinking about what it is that I want to achieve in 2017, and there are a few goals that I definitely want to work towards:

  • Read more books from my TBR
    Rather than the Goodreads Reading Challenge this year, I’m just going to participate in Rock My TBR and have a more relaxed attitude towards reading with no big goals in mind.
  • Send my novel out into the world
    I’m still editing it, but this time last year I didn’t even have a completed draft!  I can’t wait to start sharing it and seeing what people think.
  • Enter writing competitions every month (and host more!)
    I love how writing competitions force me to write outside of my usual comfort zone.  I’ve only recently started entering competitions again, and I find they’ve been an excellent way of challenging my creative abilities.  That’s what I enjoy so much about hosting them too – seeing how other people have pushed themselves in the same way to respond to a writing prompt or challenge.  I’ll be entering and hosting more competitions over the next year, so watch this space!
  • Travel
    I still can’t believe that I went to Japan this year!  I also visited Bristol, Cornwall and Preston, and fell in love with the city of Bath (twice, in fact).  I want to travel just as much next year, as it really does make me happy, and inspires my writing too!

I may not have reached my goal of 10,000 followers across social media in 2016, but I still managed to connect with a lot of authors and bookworms over the year, discovering a whole bookshelf worth of new books and blogs.  I seriously cannot wait to see what 2017 brings!

So, to all my followers: I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!

Fun Facts:

  • Wandering Words published 147 posts in 2016
  • This year, the site had visits from people in over 110 different countries!
  • The most viewed post of the year was ‘5 Graphic Novels to Read if You Are New to the Genre‘, with over 1,800 views
  • 24 First Lines Fridays posts were published on the site (with even more posted by other bookworms taking part in the feature)

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