Round-Robin Fiction: Haven

I’ve wanted to try something like this for a while – a round-robin way of storytelling, where everyone has a chance to shape the story.  The idea is that I will start off below with an opening, and if you want to add to the story, simply post your few lines or paragraph (though no longer than 150-200 words) below as a comment.  I’ll pick the “best fit” to add to the story – make sure you leave a name too, so you can be credited for your contribution!  You can join in the story at any time, don’t be shy.

Who knows how long the story will be, or what will happen along the way…

There was something dainty in the way Sally stepped between the shards of broken glass towards the kiosk.  A sort of grace in the manner she held herself at all times, Kian thought, that she refused to lose despite the dark grey sky and far-off glow of flame on the horizon.  They’d been doing well recently too, and there was some colour in her cheeks again – she looked good, and he could almost imagine what she had looked like without those weary, searching eyes, with her cheeks a little plumper.  Whilst he waited for her to catch up, Kian looked out the little window across Haven Park with a frown.  The grass, once a luscious green, lay dead and crisp.  Trees hung limp, their leafless branches brushing the dry ground.  They hadn’t seen anyone for days now.


February 28, 2017
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