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I’ve had a bit of a planner shake up for the new year.  I was enjoying my Dodo Acad-Pad so much that I wanted to maximise its usage as much as possible, and I thought the best way of doing this was upgrading to the Dodo Pad Filofax Refills.  They have the same layout as my previous Dodo diary, but now there is space for a pen, and best of all – stickers!

Now, my sticker game is good.  Whereas many of my friends grew out of stickers when they were ten years old, I just never lost interest in them.  As an avid scrapbooker-crafter-pen-pal, there’s always been a use for them, fueled by such things as the incredible displays found every year at MCM Comic Con, my local Paperchase, and the joys of Daiso when I visited Japan.  I can confidently hold my hand up and admit to a stationery addiction.

Anyway, with a year of empty diary pages ahead of me, I knew I needed some stickers to enhance my planning experience.  So, here’s what I bought:

Firstly, I knew that organising my spending was going to be really important, especially as I am moving out in a couple of months time.

Planner Stickers
All stickers (unless otherwise stated) were bought from HappyCutieStudio on Etsy.

I also bought some specifically for bills and grocery shopping (I’ve got to make grown-up stuff interesting somehow).

Planner Stickers

Blogging is really important to me, so much so that I have a dedicated column to it in my weekly spread.  I wanted a way of tracking when I post, and where.  Also, these ‘Currently Reading’ stickers are adorable, and a great way of counting how many books I’ve been reading as part of my reading goals this year.

Planner Stickers

Holiday stickers – ha!  Wishful thinking perhaps, but I do tend to go away at least a couple of times a year, and with weddings potentially approaching (not my own, sadly), I know it’ll be helpful to have an adorab- I mean useful means of recording the details of where I am staying.

Planner Stickers

Lastly, I bought some stickers for tracking my health too.  I particularly love the little holographic yoga stickers because their shine is the first thing I see when I open my diary.

Planner Stickers
Period tracker stickers from JosephineBowDesigns. Foil yoga stickers from Jadiescrafts.

I’ve always been a bit of a hobbyist planner, but this year as I am working a lot more, I wanted my diary to double up as a journal and canvas of sorts too, a creative space to track my 2018 resolutions, and let’s face it, an excuse to spend copious amounts on stickers.

How are you planning your year?

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