Photo Writing Prompt: ‘The Woman’

So, this will be a new, occasional feature on the blog: photo writing prompts.  I thought it would be nice to fill in the gaps between each Flash Fiction competition with different kinds of prompts.  You can also check out the 642 Things prompts I’ll be posting too.

If you are interested in your photography being featured as a prompt with a link to your website, drop me an email:

The lady stood in the shallows, her dress fanning around her ankles in the cold, murky water.  One hand pressed tightly around a small shining object, she felt its edges cut into her skin.  But she did not flinch.  Her mind was lost, far away from these shores, as she brought her hand up to her face and slowly, like a flower’s petals, uncurled her fingers to mourn for what lay within.

How will you interpret the picture?

How does it make you feel?

Happy writing!


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