Peter Pan MinaLima Illustrated Edition

I don’t buy books very often.  I’m quite a frugal person, but also I enjoy supporting local libraries, and if I buy a book then it really has to be something special.  And MinaLima’s illustrated edition of Peter Pan is that something special.  I thought I’d share some photos of this beautiful work of art – it is the sort of collectors item that I’ll be passing onto my children one day!

If the designs in the book feel familiar to you, it is because MinaLima designed all the graphic props for the Harry Potter films.  You can buy many of their designs in their online shop, which I have spent way too much time drooling over.  I’m saving up to buy some of the prints, and also for the next MinaLima illustrated book being released in March – Beauty and the Beast.  I can’t wait!


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February 2, 2017
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