Papergang March Unboxing

I appreciate the April box is looming, but I thought I would quickly share my first experience of Papergang by showing what arrived last month (and hey, at least there’s no spoilers).

The Papergang box is a monthly stationery subscription box full of goodies by Ohh Deer.  As a bit of a stationery addict, it really appealed to me, but also it is U.K. based, which means I don’t have to pay £5000 for delivery.  The cost of the box is £9.95, plus £1.95 for delivery.

I was really excited when the box arrived – top marks for creative packaging!  The items were wrapped up in an abundance of blue tissue paper (which I’ll certainly be reusing for gift wrap) and everything had seemingly survived the journey unscathed.

The box contained half a dozen items, including a pencil, a card, calendar postcards for May and April (see photo below) and three notebooks.  Three.  They’re three very lovely notebooks, but I do think it would have made more sense to swap out one for a different kind of item, like stickers (everybody loves stickers).

So, despite the pretty colour scheme and packaging, I was a little underwhelmed by my first Papergang experience.  When you compare it to previous boxes, like January’s box, I feel the items on offer were quite weak, but they do go nicely together as a collection, and I’ve found a purpose for everything that I received.

January’s Papergang Box – arguably much, much better! (Photo Source:

Annoyingly, I got caught out again by the auto-renewal system (will I never learn?!) but actually I’m quite happy to have another box on the way.  I can’t say I’d want a delivery every month, as I physically don’t have room for any more notebooks, but I think I will treat myself to one every now and again.

You can see what I got in April’s Papergang box here.


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