Papergang March 2018 Unboxing

Papergang March

I heard some time ago that the new Paperbang box was going to be a little different than usual.  Instead of its familiar rectangular form, March’s box was going to be in a tube.  A tube, I thought, what possible wonders could a tube hold? Other than Pringles, perhaps.

Of course, I missed the delivery.  Because it turns out that tubes don’t fit through letterboxes as easily.  But anyway, I was finally united with my parcel, and here we have it: March’s tube-shaped unboxing.

March Papergang
I’m not a big fan of the pen design, but it was a nice surprise to open this gorgeous pencil case to find it inside.
Papergang March
Washi is my greatest weakness, and this vivid orange fox design will look right at home in my collection.
March Papergang
An adorable art print – so that’s what the tube was all about! It isn’t particularly to my taste, but it was an interesting change to the usual items.

The usual Papergang embroidered patch and monthly calendar postcard also featured (the latter had the orange fox design on, so I will definitely be using it in my planner).

Papergang March

Though not as great as the epic April 2017 box, I was pleased once again with the contents, especially for such a low-priced subscription.  However, it did feel like there were less items than past boxes, and although I love the art print, I do enjoy the more functional nature of the usual Papergang items.  Though on that note, I will likely be ordering another box soon, as the only post coming through my letterbox lately is bills!

What did you think of March’s box?

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