The One Hundred Nights of Hero

If you read my post about my Christmas book haul, you’ll already know that I was gifted the behemoth of a hardback that is The One Hundred Nights of Hero.  This is a book collector’s dream – thick pages, beautifully illustrated pages.  The fact that it is also a very, very good story seems like just a bonus at this point.

One Hundred Nights of Hero

The book is essentially a collection of short stories, but they interweave in such a way that you can’t just pop in a bookmark and come back for a new story each night.  Each story plunges you deeper and deeper (until you finally understand the plot of the film Inception).

One Hundred Nights of Hero

The main themes are about love, friendship and the power of women and storytelling.  Although most are fantasy-based, there are definite messages to take away from all of the stories.

Lesson: Men are false. And they can get away with it. Also, don’t murder your sister, even by accident. Sisters are important.

One Hundred Nights of Hero

This book was such a pleasure to read – I’ve been raving about it for a few weeks now.  You can pick up your own copy of The One Hundred Nights of Hero at The Book Depository.

However, I might recommend reading The Encyclopedia of Early Earth too (maybe even first), to help set the scene of Early Earth: available to buy here.

If you just want to feast your eyes on more of Isabel Greenberg’s work, you can do so on her website:

Happy reading!


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