One Book a Mile: the Results!

One Hundred Nights of Hero

Last month, in a quest of fitness and tidying combined, I challenged myself with One Book a Mile.  The idea came from realising I needed to downsize my bookshelves, and so for every mile I walked in February, I said goodbye to a book from my life.

So, can we have a drum roll, please!  The results are in!  The One Book a Mile final figures are…

250,000 steps (approx – turns out step-counting with a mobile app is only so useful)

125 miles

125 books

This actually proved harder than I thought it would.  I am a long-time collector of books, and many, many titles “sparked joy” for me (#KonMari… I told you I was addicted!).  I kept books that were old favourites, books I couldn’t wait to read one day, and books that were so beautiful I couldn’t bear to let go.  My keep pile was big, far bigger than I anticipated.

Yet, some books were so easy.  Some books were yellowed with age, spines broken, others I realised I would never read and was just keeping for show.  It was a reminder that my reading habits have changed with age, and also a chance to acknowledge that I had been fooling myself about some of those habits, too.  Honestly, I will never read Anna Karenina – I simply just don’t care for it.  Also, as my friend pointed out – for many of these books, it isn’t goodbye forever.  My friends and family have books I can borrow, and there is a library in every town near to where I live.  If I ever change my mind, then it isn’t too difficult to source a title.

So yes, this challenge surprised me by being the hardest part of my decluttering journey to date, but at the same time it gave me the most joy.  Every title I have left now I love (or I am giving the chance to love), and I can’t wait to find new homes for them on my newly cleared shelves.


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