My NaNoWriMo Playlist

nanowrimoThis isn’t actually just my NaNoWriMo playlist; these songs are my go-to music for any time I am writing at a computer.  Some of these I associate so strongly with scenes from the book, that I would be truly gutted if they were not in the film adaptation (planning ahead).  Sometimes the lyrics touch me, other times the song just feels right, and there is something unknown about listening to it that sparks inspiration.

I’d also like to point out that I’ve seen about 50% of these artists live, and I absolutely love them – these songs are like classics to me, many of them favourites left over from my teen years.  Maybe this also has something to do with why they inspire me?

Pretty much all the songs can be found on YouTube for those wanting to explore them further.  I’ve included a quote with the ones that lyrically inspire me too!

  • Watch Over You by Alter Bridge – “I tried to carry you and make you whole, but it was never enough, I must go”
  • Hello by Evanescence – “If I smile and don’t believe, soon I know I’ll wake from this dream” (eerie… possibly the credits song for the movie adaptation, haha)
  • Relief by Bury Tomorrow – “And so please show me, what I’m meant to believe” 
  • Hollow Crown by Architects – “So far from home I need your voice to lift my lonely state of mind”
  • Fuel Up by Stornoway – “We’re all bound the same way down this long, long road”
  • Smooth (cover) by Escape the Fate
  • Welcome to Oblivion by Madina Lake – “You and me are gonna make it through, cause now we know there’s people like us”
  • House of Cards by Madina Lake – “You’ll be amazed at the secrets I keep”
  • Apologize (One Republic cover) by Silverstein
  • Demonology and Heartache by Atreyu – “I need no reminders, no more reminders, I’ll forget the past and lay it to rest”
  • This Flesh A Tomb by Atreyu – “I would stand, stand by your side, until the sun turns the sky all the colours I see in your eyes”
I also love listening to music from musical theatre and Disney; I like songs to have stories within them, which is why I have such a soft spot for rock music, I think:
  • Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid
  • Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas
  • The Phantom of the Opera

What songs are on your writing playlist?  I’d love to hear some recommendations!


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