My First Bullet Journal: January to June

Bullet Journal

This year I decided to start my own bullet journal, inspired by blog posts I had read and Pinterest boards I had stumbled upon.  I knew that even the most simple of designs would require time, creativity and commitment, so I chose a fairly relaxed approach, creating the journal as an additional aid to my daily planner.

Bullet Journal

After some research, I knew that I wanted dotted pages, and the vivid yellow design of the Leuchtturm1917 was ideal for me.


To have the whole year ahead of me seemed kind of daunting, so I split the year in half, setting goals for January-June.  I’m glad to say that since taking this photo I have achieved almost all of these goals (including actually being able to cook 7 meals from scratch in my new kitchen – about time!).  I used a Pilot Drawing Pen with an 02 tip to get my lines as thin as I wanted.

Bullet Journal

I did initially try other pens, but I didn’t like the thickness of the lines they produced.  For January, I did a space-themed monthly spread with Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners, but the tip wasn’t right for the minimalist look I wanted.  I do love that washi tape though.

Bullet Journal

Also, I’m quite happy to admit that I live a much healthier lifestyle now and have been tracking my fitness for over a year.  I wanted an interesting spread that would capture my progress across several fields, so I came up with a way of monitoring weight loss, and how many yoga and cycle sessions I was able to do in a six month period.  I was waiting to buy some colouring pencils before I filled in the chart, as I found most felt tip pens would bleed through the paper.

Overall, I loved the artistry involved in putting together a bullet journal.  However, the sheer number of hours required to make it look how I envisage is not something that I am willing to invest in at the moment.  I will continue to experiment in my beautiful Leuchtturm1917, and maybe next year I will be organised enough to keep it up to date.  I’ve been wondering if keeping it as a goals journal, rather than a diary, would be more useful for me, but my new Busy B planner has ample space to monitor most aspects of life, so we’ll see!

Any bullet journal hints and tips for an amateur?

Happy planning,

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