Morning Glories, Volume One

Morning Glories

The prestigious Morning Glory Academy recruits six new students, each seemingly different in terms of personality and background, each with secrets to keep.  But Morning Glory Academy has secrets of its own, for it is no regular school.  It aims to challenge its pupils, to tap into their potential… and the staff aren’t afraid of getting blood on their hands, if it gets them the results they are after.

I feel I should point out that this is one of the most misleading graphic novel covers I have ever seen.  When I saw volume one on the shelf in a little independent comic shop, I remembered a colleague recommending it.  The cover – just a group of slightly mischievous-looking school kids – and blurb really didn’t hint at anything out of the ordinary.

And then I started reading!  Within the first issue alone I stumbled across murder, mystery and… magical beings.  I was also surprised to see such a high level of gore – certainly not something I was expecting with that innocent cover art!

I found the story really gripping, with the plot developing quickly, friendships being made and broken within the same page.  The characters are really what make it though – there’s a certain charm to all six of the main characters, even the egotistical Ike, who I couldn’t help but liken to Charles Highway from The Rachel Papers.

Sadly, there were some flaws.  I found the time jumps hard to follow at times, and I got the impression that there was just too much going on.  It was the opposite of a slow plot – it was almost garbled with action.  I’ll still be continuing the story though – I have far too many questions that require answers to stop now.

Star Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)


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