Matilda: Halfway Checkpoint



Reading Status: Page 171 (Miss Honey’s Cottage)

So, this month we’ve been reading Matilda in celebration of Roald Dahl’s 100th anniversary.  And it has been wonderful!

I’ve been thinking as I’ve been reading about whether Roald Dahl intended for his books to be so appealing for adults too.  The humour in places is decidedly mature, but that’s just very much his style, I think, and what stands out more is how much he likes to laugh at adults, and give power to children.  That’s very much the theme of Matilda, and has been the source of many laughs.

I love how awful grown ups are in Roald Dahl’s world, and even though I know the story already, the Trunchbull and Matilda’s parents really are rotten to experience on paper.  Having seen the film, I know some excellent chapters are coming up, though nothing quite beats Bruce Bogtrotter and the chocolate cake.

My feelings are still mixed as to whether the book trumps the film (DeVito’s representation of Mr Wormwood is flawless), but there’s no question as to why it is considered a children’s classic.  I’m looking forward to finishing off the last few chapters now and finally ticking this great book off my TBR.

There’s still time to join the Words & Geeks read-along this month – tweet your progress on Twitter using the hashtag #WordsandGeeks!  Click here to find out more about Book Club and view previous books we’ve read.

Happy reading!


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