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So what does travel mean to you? Is it the sense of freedom? The fear of the unknown? The understanding of how different cultures live? Or is it even a way to discover yourself?

Many of these questions have run through my head in the last year since I graduated University and the travel bug has taken hold. This year I have already visited four different countries and its only July; on top of that I’ve got another three trips planned for 2015. It’s safe to say I’m addicted. I’m addicted to flying, to driving, to exploring to all the things that get me to another part of the world. I mean if I had money I would not be working a job I don’t want to work, living in an area I don’t want to live in, away from the people I want in my life. However it’s all about making that money that makes me do the thing I do love; Travel.

So this year, I’ve climbed mountains, I’ve drunk beer in Bavaria, I’ve tried things I’ve never done before; quad biking, canoeing, jet skiing, scuba diving, skydiving. I’ve eaten haggis, sauerkraut, dog food (might as well have been). I have a new life, new ambitions, new reasons for waking up and it feels great and I am actively encouraging all the people I know to try it too, its invigorating.

My biggest adventure however comes at the end of August. A two-week trip around Iceland; in a campervan. Meticulous planning, endless excitement and anticipation of one of the most naturally beautiful countries, undoubtedly in the world has well and truly taken hold of me. The fear of missing a single breath-taking waterfall, the curious nature of the “elves” that the Icelandic people so categorically believe in, the hope that despite the season that the Northern Lights will appear one night that I lay staring at the stars. Travel intrigues us, it stimulates us, it makes us question the who, the what, the why, it can define our past present and future.

In this “blog” I could have talked about a place that I have been in detail, given you exact prices, exact feelings I felt, what the best places to eat, drink or visit but
I didn’t want that. I wanted to inspire you to feel how I feel. I want people who haven’t considered seeing the world to reconsider and I wanted the people who already travel to be reminded of its encompassing pull on our lives. Just book a flight, to anywhere, get out there and don’t look back other than to make money for that next adventure. Keep moving and never look back.

Amy’s adventures can be followed on her Instagram: doswell89

Wanderlust Week runs annually on the first week of August, celebrating wanderlust and adventure through travel posts on the blog.

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