Keep Fallout 76 Weird

Keep Fallout 76 weird.
– Ronaldo Fryman, probably

I suppose you could say that through the criticism that poor Fallout 76 has received – all those low ratings and cries of despair at the lack of NPCs – I managed to find a whole lot to love about the game.  I have spent hours exploring the wastelands of Appalachia, sometimes in the company of friends or strangers, often just as a lone wanderer (and almost always in a stupid outfit).  I wanted to do an appreciation post for all the weird and wonderful (and sometimes spooky) moments I have had in the game so far, to show that joy can be found in even the most poorly rated of multiplayer experiences.

Ever on edge in anticipation of the Night Kid…
I’m not sure this should be a child’s first word.
Bear Grills
Gnomes, gnomes everywhere

Someone thought this was a good idea

There we have it, 19 hours in one of my current favourites.  It won’t be too hard to double that over the summer, especially when NPCs are released.  This game has received a lot of slack from players, and I certainly think it wasn’t as polished as it needed to be when it was released, but I’ve still got a lot out of it regardless.

Remember, kids – keep Fallout 76 weird!

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