July Round-Up and Wanderlust Week

Monthly Update - lavenderJuly has passed in a bit of a blur, though I vaguely recall lots of exciting things happening, like the first Words & Picture post, and of course the first month of the Words & Geeks Book Club.

To all the boys I've loved beforeAugust’s book has already been announced – see here for details!  Reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before with other people has been brilliant fun, and I can’t wait to do it again next month with Ender’s Game.

To kick off August, Wandering Words is hosting a week of travel posts, celebrating adventures both home and abroad.  This will include a number of posts from guest bloggers, and a travel theme on Monday for the monthly Flash Fiction Theme Competition.

I’m really excited about this week, as it will be my first time opening the blogging gates to guest writers.  Tune in tomorrow for our first guest post of the week.  Hopefully you will be inspired to step out of your comfort zone and do some adventuring.

Want to get involved?  Comment a link to your own travel stories in any of the posts this week, and I’ll be sure to check them out!


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