Great Books I Read In 2017

Oxford - Saga and Descender

I really have just had so much fun reading this year, and have discovered some great new authors in the process.  So, I figured it was about time I shared the books of 2017 that I’m so glad I got to experience, rating them all 5/5 without a moment’s hesitation.

Stan and Nan by Sarah Lippett

An artist recounts the loving story of her grandparents…

I read this book, and then my Gran read this book, and we both bonded over the whole thing.  So, even if the book had been pants then I would probably still have loved it.  Nevertheless, I feel I can put my bias aside and say that this is an objectively very good book that will make your heart swell with love for your family and the people you care about.

Storm by Tim Minchin

A heated battle ensues at a party when a man of science disagrees with a dinner guest with spiritual beliefs…

I’m a huge fan of Tim Minchin’s songwriting, and to stumble upon one of my favourite works in graphic novel form was a dream come true.  It’s a quick read, but definitely something you can pick up again and again and appreciate.

The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood

An unlikely friendship grows between a young boy and a 104-year-old woman…

I love books like this. It’s up there with Shock of the Fall and Alex Woods vs the Universe as favourites, with wonderfully special and unique main characters.  I loved learning about everyone’s lives, and seeing how a group of people can grow and come together because of this one, amazing little boy.  Just beautiful.

Saga by Brian K. Vaughan

A controversial young couple flee across space to save their newborn child from their enemies…

I’ve still only read a couple of volumes of Saga, but it is easily my favourite graphic novel series ever.  The fictional world is a fascinating hybrid of science-fiction and fantasy, with a plot full of surprises and original characters.  The sheer brilliance of this series owes a lot to its team of illustrators, who somehow manage to perfectly draw sexy and horrifying in equal measure.

The Russian Sleep Experiment by Holly Ice

A group of prisoners volunteer for a sleep experiment in exchange for their freedom. But first they must survive 30 grueling days without sleep…

I zoomed through this novella in no time at all, and not just because it was short – the story gripped me, and I just had to know in which direction events were going.  I seem to be the only person who hasn’t heard of the Creepypasta story of the same name (probably because I’m a big chicken when it comes to horror), so for me the ideas were completely original.  I’m sure even those familiar with the Creepypasta version would find something to love about this chilling tale.

Which books have you loved this year?

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