Goals for 2018

Life has been changing, and for once this creature of habit is excited and ready to embrace it.  I wanted my 2018 goals to reflect these feelings, so here’s a list of my resolutions for the next twelve months:

Be creative

After helping run an MCM Comic Con artist table, and working through one of Alisa Burke’s brilliant online art courses, I’m feeling very inspired to be creative.  I’ve always dabbled here and there with art, but recently I’ve been producing work that I’m actually quite proud of.  I want to keep working on my designs, as I’d love to fill the walls of my new house with original paintings.  Speaking of which…

Be independent

Moving out is something I’ve wanted to do officially for a long, long time.  Not staying with friends or round a boyfriend’s house, or in university halls.  I want a real space to shape and call my own, and if all goes to plan then that will be happening very, very soon… I’m also planning on working more hours, which will aid my new-found independence!

Be healthy

Yoga makes me feel great, both physically and mentally.  I get so much from practicing yoga on a regular basis, so I want to make sure there’s always time in my weekly timetable for a couple of sessions.  I’ve found Fitness Blender do some good videos that are nice and easy to follow (and they’re free!).  I’ve also eaten well all year, and want to continue the trend through 2018.

Be charitable

There are a lot of issues I feel increasingly passionate about with age, and I would like to take steps, however small, next year to helping some of the causes I care about.  As an example, I plan on adding loose change to a jar over the year, and spending it on food for my local Foodbank at Christmas time.

Keep writing

What I want out of creative writing has changed over the last few years.  I feel slightly in limbo with my bigger projects, as short stories, homemade zines and non-fiction writing are what I’m currently so passionate about.  Until I decide what my next move should be, I’m just going to be blogging like crazy, reading heaps of books (see my optimistic 2018 reading goals here), and being creative in other ways.

Did you achieve everything you were working towards in 2017?  What’re your goals for 2018?


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    • January 7, 2018 / 4:29 pm

      Thank you, good luck to you too if you’ve set any goals this year! 🙂

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