The Girl of Ink and Stars: Halfway Checkpoint


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The Girl of Ink and Stars - Book Club

Reading Status: Chapter Ten

It’s been fifteen days; I was sure I would have been finished with this book by now.  Chapter Ten is just under halfway through, and the action is just beginning!  I’ll be interested to see how the rest of the book is paced, as the first third of the book is very much about setting the scene.

Visually, this book has been a delight to read, and the novelty of the drawings on each page has yet to wear off.  I love reading about the cartography elements too – I’ve never read anything with this sort of skill set in before.  I think it is very poetic and beautiful.

Due to the nature of life on the island, the characters are very secretive – this makes it hard to know who to trust, and even who is good and who is bad.  I have a few theories about characters and stories, but I’ll have to keep on reading to see if I am right or not.  I’d also say without a doubt that this is aimed at younger readers (early teens), but that hasn’t affected my levels of enjoyment at all.

How’s everyone else getting on with reading?


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  • Reply Emily @TheGeekUndergraduate

    I Agree! I don’t know what I think of the characters because although I am also 10 chapters in, it feels like I don’t yet knoe them enough to say “Ah yes this person is XYZ”

    June 15, 2016 at 1:19 pm
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