Free Online Courses for Literature Lovers


As someone who really loves studying, discovering FutureLearn has been nothing short of bliss.  All the courses are completely free, and there is a wide variety of subjects, ranging in length from a few weeks to a couple of months.

They are hosted by teachers from universities all over the world, and on completion of the courses, there is the option to pay for a certificate of participation.

Overestimating how long it would take to complete the material, I am currently weeks behind on a number of courses, but the content stays on the site to read for (what appears to be) a number of weeks after the end date of the course, so there is no great urgency (I don’t know if the same can be said for people wanting the certificates; I’m just doing the courses for fun).

I thought the site was well worth spotlighting, since there do seem to be a number of people who enjoy studying for leisure.

The Creative Arts and Media category is currently advertising courses which include writing fiction, the business of film and introductions to journalism.  Meanwhile, I have my eye on the Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales course for the future.  Literature courses (currently Shakespeare, Wordsworth, cultural studies and modern languages, to name a few) can be found here.

Does anyone else enjoy studying for leisure?


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