Creative Corner: Letters To My Future Self (These Are My Roots…)


I have recently completed my first time capsule message for Letters To My Future Self , a book of letters to write to the future you (see earlier post).

The theme of the first letter was ‘these are my roots’, and I decided to set the opening date for 2023, when I’ll be 30.  It seemed like a good age to reinforce my roots, make sure I am still grounded and in touch with my family.

Here’s a little snippet:

My ancestors worked on farms – they were strong and self-sufficient, hardworking in nature.  I’d like to think that I am all of the above, even though there is some tweaking left to do.

I found the one page of paper the book offers wasn’t quite enough, and so I had to source extra sheets from my own collection (which wasn’t the end of the world).  Condensing my roots to less than thirty lines was something I just wasn’t prepared to do!  I’m looking forward to doing some more of these over the next few weeks.

Letters To My Future Self is available to buy on The Book Depository.


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