August Book Club: Checkpoint One


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Reading status: page 139

I thought this seemed like the most appropriate checkpoint, despite being mid-chapter. Just as I thought this was a story about Ender, Peter raises his horrible little head again, and the tables turn. It makes me wonder if maybe Ender is just a puzzle piece in a plan that actually focuses around Peter, or maybe even Val. I am in so much suspense about what is happening! I have to stop myself from reading the last page… I’m reading as fast as I can!

Predictions: Peter and Ender will have to fight.

I realise there are several books in the series, so perhaps this prediction will be fulfilled at a later stage. It is difficult to know where this first book will end. On a cliffhanger, no doubt.

Any thoughts on the story so far? Has anyone already finished the book? Comment below, and remember it isn’t too late to join us!


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