(Another) Stationery Haul

BusyB Planner

It happened again: I went stationery shopping.  I’m feeling less apologetic about this one – I’ve been working hard, and some retail therapy felt like a well-earned reward for that.

I found myself returning to Happy Cutie Studio on Etsy, because I have just been so impressed with everything that has arrived from them in the past.

Happy Cutie Studio Stickers

I bought some work hours stickers, because although I am on a two week rota, I’m constantly tweaking days, making them either longer or shorter, with the occasional extra day on top.  I find it really useful to just see the whole week put together.  You get eight on a sheet, which might not look like many, but that’s still a whole eight weeks worth, plus I won’t be using them for weeks off!

I also bought weekly trackers for finances.  I was debating whether to use them to track savings or spending, but realistically there’s far more going out than going into my ISA, so it makes sense to track exactly how much is leaving my account and why.  I am hoping it will let me identify patterns of spending, and allow me to make some changes.

Happy Cutie Studio Stickers

These hamster stickers are adorable.  I plan on using them whenever something crops up for Cookie, my new hamster.

Happy Cutie Studio Stickers

I kind of hate chores, so my thinking is that if I get a sticker for it, then it might actually motivate me a bit more.  Desperate times…

Payday stickers!  I like to meticulously track how much money comes in on payday, as my different contracts pay different amounts.  I thought these would be a more attractive way of celebrating the best day of the month.

Happy Cutie Studio Stickers

I’ve been changing to a healthier lifestyle since the end of last year, and I love tracking progress, so these are helping to track my weekly weigh-ins, and again, spot trends.

I don’t really track what I watch, which I suppose is strange as I having been recording all of my reading for years now.  I wanted to see what it would be like to start keeping note of my viewing habits – I’ve used a couple so far, and I’m not convinced I will keep it going.

I am a repeat customer of Jadiescrafts because I love her prices, the fact she is a U.K. business, and the quality of her products, so I knew I would need to visit her Etsy shop if I was stocking up on planner supplies.

Jadiescrafts Stickers

I picked up some more yoga stickers, because supplies were running low, and I wanted to try out a new colour.

I have friends, and for me that means making a bit of a deal out of their birthdays.  So these big days don’t get lost among all of the unexciting to-dos, I bought a sticker so they stand out.

Jadiescrafts Stickers

Having moved out now, there are 101 things to do on a daily basis for the house.  I thought having a sticker to help me highlight the more important maintenance jobs would be really handy.

I’ve been a bad pen pal in the last few years, but having a dedicated, very shiny sticker for it will certainly make me better.

Lastly, I bought myself a new diary.  I have been over the moon with my Dodo diary, but I’m finding I’m already planning things for 2019, and wanted to try something a little bit different.  I’ve never used BusyB before, but I adore the quality of this diary (plus, I had a Waterstones voucher to spend!).

BusyB Planner

I will miss some aspects of the Dodo diary, mainly the amount of note space each week gets, and (I’ll finally admit), the quirky and colourful illustrations on every page.  However, BusyB’s diary has a monthly calendar spread at the beginning of each new month, as well as keeping with the multiple column layout that I really can’t live without.  This time, I have decided to split my columns into Life, Work, Creative and Home, and have invested in some stencils (currently on their way – I’ll be sure to share them when they arrive) to make these look as good as possible.

What diary are you using at the moment?  Do you have any recommendations for planner supplies?

Happy planning,

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