Searching for Poldark: A Week on the Cornish Coast

I’m back!

I’ve just returned from an amazing week spent in a quintessential little cottage in Cornwall.  I was hoping to have a week of writing (the end of editing my first draft is in sight), but we ended up with an action-packed seven days of trips instead, which let’s face it, is the next best thing.

You may know of Cornwall as the setting of Winston Graham’s famous Poldark novels.  And even though I didn’t see the handsome Ross Poldark (or, let’s be honest, Aidan Turner) walking the beautiful landscapes of the county, I still had a wonderful time.

Firstly, I simply must talk about my favourite day out, which was to Healey’s Cyder Farm near Newquay.

We chose to go on the Full Guided Tour, which among other things included a cider tasting session, a tractor ride and a glimpse of ‘behind the scenes’ of the process of bottling the cider.  Watching the whole process in the factory from above was vaguely reminescent of the scene at the end of The Borrowers film, where Peagreen gets trapped in the bottle at the milk factory.  I can’t say I’m a huge fan of alcohol, but I still found the tour fascinating, and may have finally discovered a wine I enjoy (strawberry flavoured!).  Also, why did no one ever tell me that tractor rides were so much fun?Healey's Cyder FarmAnother highlight of the holiday was a day trip to Porthtowan Beach.  We enjoyed a BBQ followed by ice-cream from a local shop called Moomaid of Zennor.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t stop there because I thought it had an incredible name.  Apparently it is taken from the legend of the Mermaid of Zennor, who lured a young man to his death with her beauty.  Luckily, I survived the visit to the shop!

I also finally got to do some reading, settling into the first chapter of Skyfaring, this month’s Words & Geeks read.  Mark Vanhoenacker actually writes very poetically, though I’ll be interested to see how he creates an entire book from his experiences; I’m enjoying it so far though haven’t read anymore since.  Sitting on Porthtowan Beach with the sound of crashing waves and the sizzling of steaks seemed the perfect backdrop for a good travel read.

I was very excited to visit Truro’s Royal Cornwall Museum.  Though the advertised Poldark exhibition was a little bit disappointing, another exhibition of the watercolour painter Tony Foster caught my eye instead.  Tony’s paintings are just unbelievable – he has traveled extensively around the world to paint some of the most beautiful wild places on the planet.  I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken to get every detail perfect – the overall effect is something quite breathtaking.  You can read more about his work on the Royal Cornwall Museum website.

Tony Foster

Tony Foster

It’s amazing how new and exciting another county can feel, even if the border is just a short car ride away.  I’ve loved my week of eating, hunting for Poldark and gaming (turns out I’m quite good at Poker!), but now I’m back home, refreshed and ready to finish what I hope will be the final part of my novel-writing journey before it is ready to be sent out into the world.

Until next time, happy adventuring!


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