A Week In The Life Instax Project: A Sunny Cycle Ride and the End of an Era

Instax Project

I’d been looking forward to this challenge for weeks, and finally found the perfect opportunity to carry about my Instax camera with me during the last full week of August.  It had been a busy month, but that week was full of important moments, and I knew it would be worth capturing in this way.

Instax Project


Let’s just say, I was finding my feet with my Instax camera on Monday.  I was walking to work, knowing I was mere days away from a blissful week off, and that, along with the grass brushing against my toes, made me want to capture the moment.  Shame the underexposure didn’t catch the beautiful sunshine!  I debated taking another photo (one that didn’t see me levitating on a blanket of darkness), but in the spirit of the project, I thought I would commit to every photo I took, no matter how it turned out.


There’s been some changes at work recently, and it meant new energy in the building.  This note left on the staff room whiteboard brought a smile to my face.

Instax Project


By Wednesday, I was getting the hang of using the Instax camera, and managed to take a nice photo.  I didn’t realise how much I was looking forward to some time off until I woke up that morning and remembered it was the last working day of the week.  The humidity had eased and I welcomed a sky full of clouds and the promise of some rain.

Instax Project


This day had been written into my diary for months: exam results day!  It may have been years since I nervously collected results, but we carried our nervous excitement into school and waited with anticipation for my sister to open the letter she had worked so hard for.  The teachers crowding around with fat grins on their faces and cameras poised at the ready gave away just a little that she had done well.  Without a doubt, one of the best days of the year, and a milestone in my family’s history that marks the end of an era.

Instax Project


I had a day at home with the family – I don’t get to see my family as much as I used to, so when I go over we mostly just sit and talk, usually with food involved.  I also get cuddles with some of my furry friends.

Instax Project


Back home again, Neil and I got up early and jumped on the train along the bumpy line to Barnstaple.  Arriving in North Devon, we hired bikes on the station platform and set off on the Tarka Trail to Torrington.  We almost made it.  Fifteen minutes on from Bideford, we admitted defeat and turned around to head back to Barnstaple again.  Pleased with the twenty miles we still had under our belts, we celebrated with a McDonalds and headed back to Plymouth for a lazy bank holiday weekend.  Neil sourced me a spare desk from his housemate for my computer so we could play Destiny 2 for a couple of days at his student house.

Instax Project


Muscles aching after the bike ride, we opted for a day in – good thing too, as the city was hit with rain for the entire day.  It was nice to just listen to the sound of water against the conservatory roof, and relax with the latest copy of Womankind, and some Destiny 2.  Working full time, and juggling friends, family, a boyfriend, a house and a blog, I rarely get time to have an entire day of relaxation, so it felt amazing to just chill.

I absolutely loved this project, though it was harder work than the Disposable Camera Project of last summer, as I knew I only had enough film for one shot a day; if I messed it up then that was it, and I knew the odds of that happening was high as I have very limited experience with instant photography.  A few of the photos I really wanted to retake, but the blur and dodgy lighting somehow represented my life much more accurately than a perfect shot.  Overall though, it was nice to reflect on my day with a photo, it made the whole week a little more meaningful, somehow.

I would love to do another photography project again soon!  Any ideas?

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  1. 3rd September 2018 / 6:55 pm

    Nice job. It”s just a shame that due to a number of catastrophic decisions in the past, we simply can not have the quality films that have been cheaply available globally when our parents were young. All because companies were forced into bankruptcy, and know-how and tooling got thrown away. Is poor Kodak Alaris late with the new Echtachrome? Sure they are, because finding replacement or alternative ingredients is super tough, and results in compromises in price and/or quality. Rebuilding what”s been wasted sure is hard. Talking of which, if only Fuji would spend some of that sweet Instax money to keep its 135 and 120 line alive. Old man shouting at cloud, out.

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