A Reading Round-Up

I Hate Fairyland, Vol 1

Remember when I set myself a goal to read 100 books in 2018?  Ha ha ha!  Though I didn’t quite manage 100 books, I still read some fantastic fiction this year, and a few non-fiction books that really pushed my opinions on things.

Here’s what I read in 2018:

  1. From Here to Eternity by Caitlin Doughty
  2. Moonstruck, Volume 1: Magic to Brew by Grace Ellis
  3. The Secret Loves of Geeks by Hope Nicholson
  4. Thornhill by Pam Smy
  5. The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis
  6. Ms. Marvel, Volume 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson
  7. Saga, Volume 3 by Brian K. Vaughan
  8. Saga, Volume 4 by Brian K. Vaughan
  9. Saga, Volume 5 by Brian K. Vaughan
  10. Saga, Volume 6 by Brian K. Vaughan
  11. Lightbringer by Victor Defnas
  12. The Grown Up by Gillian Flynn
  13. Lumberjanes, Volume 1: Beware the Kitten Holy by Noelle Stevenson
  14. Green Girl by Kate Zambreno
  15. Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan
  16. Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes by Mary M. Talbot
  17. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
  18. Morning Glories, Volume 1: For a Better Future by Nick Spencer
  19. Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe
  20. Ghost World by Daniel Clowes
  21. Descender, Volume 2: Machine Moon by Jeff Lemire
  22. In the Mouth of the Wolf by Michael Morpurgo
  23. Sex Criminals, Volume 1: One Weird Trick by Matt Fraction
  24. A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton
  25. I Hate Fairyland, Volume 1: Madly Ever After by Skottie Young
  26. Redlands, Volume 1 by Jordie Bellaire
  27. Women in Battle by Marta Breen
  28. Art Matters by Neil Gaiman

Compared to previous years, I hardly read at all.  Some months, I didn’t pick up a book for weeks at a time, despite carrying one around in my bag almost constantly.  I reconnected with video gaming, exercise and music again this year, and all of a sudden reading had to timeshare with World of Warcraft and yoga.  But I’m not too upset about this.  Though my passion for stories is still unmatched, it has been quite liberating to explore them in new forms, like roleplay games, or a new album from a band I loved as a teen.

From the small selection I read this year, a few still really stood out.  I kicked off the year with Body Positive Power, which challenged the way I saw my body, and made me try to create more positive habits.  Bad Feminist got me thinking too – it inspired me to want to be a better woman, and reminded me that feminism is still important.  My heart was also touched when I was transported to Nagasaki in A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding – it was frightening to see the war through the eyes of a Japanese family.  I think Neil Gaiman is right in Art Matters, when he says:

Fiction is something you build up from twenty-six letters and a handful of punctuation marks, and you, and you alone, using your imagination, create a world, and people it and look out through other eyes.  You’re being someone else, and when you return to your own world, you’re going to be slightly changed.

I’ll be setting a humble goal of just twenty books for 2019, and I’m excited to start the memoir I’ve just popped into my bag: Hunger by Roxane Gay.  I’m also excited about all the PC games I have lined up for next year, and the new board games I can’t wait to play with some of my new friends.  I may be reading just twenty books, but I’ll be enjoying many, many more stories.

How was your year of reading?


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