A Month In Pictures: November

Phew, November was quite a month!  I moved house, which came with its pros and cons, and I filled every non-work day I could making amazing memories with some of my favourite people.  Usually by the end of November I have a firm grasp on my plans for Christmas – where I’ll be when and what presents I plan on buying – but I’m enjoying taking a more relaxed approach this year.  I did enjoy getting out the Christmas stock at work though!

Reading in November…

Women in Battle

I actually got an awful lot out of reading Women In Battle recently, a graphic novel for younger readers about women’s struggles to be heard and valued throughout history.  I think all readers – regardless of age and sex – could learn something from this brilliant book.

Gaming in November…

Fallout 76

I felt so lucky in November because my lovely boyfriend bought me a copy of Fallout 76.  We had heard nothing but bad reviews about it, but I’m such a fan of Bethesda and the Fallout franchise that he treated me to a copy on release.  We’ve only had time to play a couple of sessions, but we have had such a laugh so far.  Though some of the criticisms I agree with, I think if you put previous experiences of Fallout aside and treat it as the survival game it is, then it has a lot to offer.  I do think it is better with friends though – the wastelands can be a lonely place.

Life in November…

Halloween Nerd Night

As I was working over Halloween, I invited some friends over at the weekend instead to celebrate the spooky season, and to drink to my last nights in my lovely little house.  We played quiz games, watched a couple of films (V for Vendetta and Scanner Darkly – a film I still can’t get my head round), and went outside to light some sparklers.  The lighter was a bit dodgy, so we stood in the cold giggling and shivering as we took it in turns to try to get it working.


I had to move in with my Gran this month as I had to leave the house I was previously living in.  Though I fully intend for it to be just a short pit-stop, it has been nice to see this furry little creature again.

Bonfire Night

I might have missed Halloween, but on Bonfire Night I travelled to Plymouth Hoe to celebrate with some friends.  The night started with some delicious YO! Sushi – as every Guy Fawkes Night clearly should – followed by enjoying the live music and the lights of the funfair.

Bonfire Night

The fire was lit mid-evening, impressively devouring the Guy Fawkes model that had been built by a local primary school and set atop the crates.  We could feel the flames from far back in the crowd, and the rain seemed to keep away long enough for us to get back home.

Glow in the Park

The coolest thing I did in November was take part in Glow in the Park, a charity event raising money for the Down’s Syndrome Association.  We donned our neon face paint and waterproofs, and powerwalked the 5km course, occasionally sprinting to escape the hoses of paint and the bursts of flame.  One part of the course required us to wade through waist-deep foam, where we could see children disappearing into the bubbles, mops of hair the only part left visible!  It was tremendous fun, and we agreed to do it again next year.  We might even try jogging it next time, watch this space…

Patent Pending Gig

At the end of the month we drove up to Bristol and I got to see a band I first heard when I was just a young teen – Bowling for Soup.  They were supported by an exceptionally talented band of girls called Not Ur Girlfrenz, and Patent Pending.  Patent Pending actually surprised me by being the best band of the night, full of energy and constantly working the crowd into a hype.  They had amazing stage presence, and were so funny; I didn’t stop laughing for their entire set.

Bowling for Soup Gig

Bowling for Soup were also hilarious, and frequently told stories between songs.  They had a mini bar on stage too where they occasionally congregated between numbers for a drink.  It was surreal to see a band I have listened to for over a decade, and even more surreal to learn that they have been playing music together for twenty five years!

How was your November?

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