A Month In Pictures: May

May has been such an exciting month! I turned 25, and finished my 25 Things Before I Turn 25 list that very week – you can see the completed list here. I feel that I’ve had a very fulfilling year, and want to keep that up by continuing to work hard and party hard (well, if “party” means to eat pizza whilst watching Eurovision…).

Reading in May…


I kick-started May by reading Thornhill at the beginning of the month.  It is a haunting tale of the consequences of bullying for a lonely little girl.  It wasn’t a comfortable read, but the supernatural elements and beautiful artwork made it one of my favourite books of 2018 so far.


I got around to reading Moonstruck at the beginning of the month too, and was sadly a bit disappointed.  I loved the diversity of the characters, and the urban fantasy setting, but the actual storyline fell a little flat for me.  I’ve just recently learnt that the writer, Grace Ellis, also wrote the Lumberjanes series, another read that I felt just slightly missed the mark.  I love her art style though, and would be willing to read more of her work to find something I really enjoyed.


Unfortunately, I had to battle Tonsillitis this month (not fun), so I stocked up on some magazines and did a bit of self-care during my time off work.  The new Womankind magazine also came out, and I’m on the verge of getting a subscription for it – the content is always fantastic and they have a no advertisements policy that is so refreshing; I usually get so sick of the anti-aging cream or fragrance ads in women’s magazines.  Also, reading about travel has made me want to go abroad again, watch this space…

Gaming in May…

I played some new games this month too.  My friend introduced me to Small World, which I loved, and actually reviewed here.

Quirk! Legends

The same friend also bought me Quirk! Legends for my birthday, a card game where players have to try to obtain three of the same characters (a “Quirk”) by acting out the card they want.  I played this with my boyfriend, and seeing him trying to act as a mermaid was just priceless.

Life in May…

Hamster Cookie

Now, this was my biggest joy of the month – I bought a hamster!  My sister, boyfriend and I drove out to the pet shop and deliberated over which adorable fluffy rodent to buy.  I’ve had Syrian hamsters before, and this little fluffball was so lively that we knew she was the one.  She went running merrily into the cardboard box to be transported home, and actually ate her way through the corner of it in the ten minutes it took us to drive back to the house.  It took us a whole day to name her.  She went from Mash to Pudding, until we finally settled on Cookie.  I’m sure she’ll be featuring a fair bit on the blog as I seriously can’t get over how sweet she is.

My friend’s reading, since I was so excited I completely forgot to take a photo of my own!

In one whirlwind weekend, I went for cocktails and a tarot reading at one of my favourite bars.  I’ve never had a professional tarot reading before, and whilst I wouldn’t call myself a believer, I love to indulge in all things spooky and supernatural.  The room we had the reading in was painted like the night sky, and our tarot reader was sat at an old wooden table covered in lots of jewellery – all very atmospheric!  My reading was very positive.  Some recent heartbreak, and some balance required in life to make me a bit happier, but otherwise the world is welcoming me with open arms, and an epic trip abroad is on the horizon.  I won’t pretend that everything the lady said had relevance, but it was so much fun, plus I got to enjoy a tasty cocktail too!


That same weekend I attended Pride for the first time, and wondered, like most things these days, why I haven’t found time to go before.  The parade was actually very moving to watch – there was a lot of love shared between everyone who attended, and from the dozens of services who were showing their support too.  I’ll be sure to pen it into my calendar every year from now on.

What has everyone else been up to this month?

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