A Month In Pictures: July

There’s no way around it, this month has been a not-so-good month.  I would be inclined to sweep it under the rug and pretend July never happened, but some good did come out of it, and that’s certainly worth sharing.

Reading in July…

Animal & Selfie

At the beginning of the month, I went on a bit of a book-buying spree.  I never got to finish Will Storr’s Selfie when I borrowed it from the library, so owning my own copy means I can read it at my own pace without worrying about other people’s reservations on it!  I had also heard that Animal was supposed to be very good, so picked that up too with a Waterstones voucher I had.

I Hate Fairyland, Vol 1

Of course, I had to read at least one graphic novel this month!  Fairyland was cute and colourful and, err… super gory.  I reviewed it here.

The Happy News

I was so excited to receive The Happy Newspaper through my letterbox this month.  Emily Coxhead’s project to celebrate positive news instead of the sad, gloomy stories filling our media these days, has certainly cheered me up.

Gaming in July…

Boss Monster

My other half bought me Boss Monster as a surprise gift!  It is so fun, and I love the twist that you actually play as the villain trying to destroy heroes fighting through your dungeon.  Definitely my kind of present… he’s a keeper!

Century Spice Road

Century: Spice Road was a new game I was taught at the board game cafe this month.  It played not unlike Splendor, but with really tactile spice cubes instead of gem tokens.  It didn’t quite sell itself as much as Splendor, but I still gave it a great review!

Forbidden Island

Another board game cafe find, Forbidden Island quickly became one of my favourite co-op games.  The concept of the game is nice and easy to grasp, but that doesn’t make it easy – our first play-through led to a failure very quickly, but we learnt from our mistakes and secured a win in our second attempt.  I was so taken by this game that I bought it the very same day.  It gets bonus points for being packaged in a tin.

A Way Out

One of my best gaming experiences of the summer happened in July.  I was invited to join a game of A Way Out on a friend’s pass, a game developed by the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.  Starting out in a prison, two players must work cooperatively to support each other in escaping, both set on seeking revenge on the man who has wronged them.  I highly recommend playing it, and the good thing is that once you’ve finished you can just swap characters and experience the story from the other perspective.

Life in July…

Summer Reading Challenge

It’s officially the school summer holidays, and that means one thing; librarians across the country are in a frantic race to prepare for the biggest event in the library calendar: the Summer Reading Challenge.  After months of planning, meetings, and cramming together a programme of events, we’re finally being rewarded for our hard work, with hundreds of happy children choosing to pick up books during the summer months.  I even dyed the ends of my hair red to celebrate this year’s theme: mischief making with some much-loved Beano favourites.Cookie Hamster

It turns out that Cookie isn’t a hamster, but some kind of tiny demon.  She chewed a hole in her cage almost big enough to squeeze through, and I had to buy a whole new one.  As I write this she is hanging upside down in her cage chewing on something.  Send help!


Sadly this month we had to say goodbye to our lovely family Collie, Samwise Gamgee (Sam, for short).  As well as being a subtle outlet for a LOTR-loving household, Sam has weathered more than his fair share of storms in my home, and we will remember him with unconditional fondness.

This month might have been a tough one, but my friends and family all really went above and beyond to show their support for me.  I finish the month with a heart completely swollen with love for them all.  And I’m quite happy to leave July on such a high note!  I have lots planned for August, both socially and creatively, so watch this space!

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