A Month In Pictures: April

April marked the first full month of my new life in the city.  It’s been a whirlwind of a month as I’ve tried to get into a routine in the new house, and things have been progressing in exciting ways at work too.  I still have a box or two left to unpack, and there are areas of the house that I want to work on, but overall it has felt like home very quickly.  Life is good at the moment, so I’m making the most of it!

Reading in April…

The Secret Loves of Geeks

I splurged on some new graphic novels at the beginning of the month, including The Secret Loves of Geeks.  This is a great anthology of short stories and comics about geeks, identity and love.  It’s actually kind of beautiful reading about how people have found happiness.

Readathon Graphic Novels

On Saturday 28th, I took part in Dewey’s 24-hour-readathon.  I managed to finish all three graphic novels I had lined up to read!  Part of me wondered if graphic novels were a little bit cheaty, but I still believe that everything is reading, and it was nice to prioritise books for the day instead of Netflix (though I still made time for some Ru Paul).

Gaming in April…

Twilight Imperium

I branched out and tried a new board game cafe this month.  This one was much more relaxed, and we stayed for the afternoon to play Twilight Imperium, which must rank top for being the most complicated game I have ever played!  We had barely scratched the surface of the game after three hours of gameplay.  I just about had the rules grasped by the time we had to catch the bus home, and the table remained in chaos for much of the afternoon (I imagine we’ll be much more organised next time!).  Just before we left, the boys went to war against each other, and abandoned their chairs for a better view of the action.  I stayed up my end of space with my friend, and we ate cheese puffs as the boys debated over the rules.

Life in April…

Baking Rocky Road

I love food, but have never really had the space to experiment and get creative.  Since I moved into my new place I have been trying out new recipes every week, gaining confidence with foods I’ve never cooked before.  I might not be a natural (that katsu sauce took three attempts to get right!) but I’m loving every moment of it.  I’ve thrown in a few old favourites too – this rocky road was delicious (before my sister ate it all).

Bullet Journal

As my DoDo Diary has descended into chaos lately, the idea of starting a bullet journal started looking very appealing.  I’ve found the clean, minimalistic style of it really suits my tastes and is a great stress relief after a long week.  I won’t be using it as a daily planner, but it is a great way of creating an overview of the month, and checking in on the progress of goals.  I’m still learning the tricks of the trade, but fortunately Pinterest is a great source of inspiration!


Seuss keeps a watchful eye on us in the background…

Near the end of the month I went home for my mum’s birthday and met the new family chickens.  Connie (pictured) was kind enough to lay us an egg, which was great and everything but there were four of us having lunch, and the others (Seuss and Coco) weren’t feeling up to the task.  They’re all young, so we weren’t too disappointed.  It was fun to feed them and watch their personalities come out – Connie’s a feisty one!

How was your April?


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