Five Reasons to Read Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley


Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley

I recently finished this fantastic graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley, which is probably the longest graphic novel I’ve ever read too!  Though some elements were a little repetitive, the concept as a whole really inspired me, and I wanted to share five reasons why you simply must read this book:

  1. IT’S FANTASY!  Our protagonist, Katie, begins to consume magical mushrooms that allow her to fix mistakes of the past.  Set on creating a perfect world, Katie doesn’t notice that there is an unsettled shadow growing restless in the basement… I didn’t realise when I picked up the book that it would be of the fantasy genre (the cover is somewhat ambiguous).  House spirits and dark forces lurking?  I found it captivating!
  2. THE ILLUSTRATIONS ARE ADORABLE.  Although I haven’t read Scott Pilgrim (only seen the film, which is amazing), Seconds has the same flavour of weird and wonderful about it.  Every page is full of detail and colour, and I love the manga-esque style, particularly in Katie’s facial expressions.  Even the choice of layout and typeface really appealed to me.Seconds
  3. THE PROTAGONIST IS A STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN.  Katie runs her own business and knows how to stand up for herself, and her sass is the source of much humour.  It’s nice to read stories where the struggling female doesn’t need rescuing by a man!
  4. THE WRITING IS HILARIOUS.  Bryan Lee O’Malley seems to be some kind of comedy genius.  His characters are so funny.  There’s plenty of great little details, like Katie’s occasional sassy comments to the narrator of the story.
  5. IT MAKES YOU THINK.  Despite her strong nature, Katie becomes fixated on mending her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, leaving her own future and friendships on the verge of collapse.  It brings up the question of how far people are willing to go for love – is a relationship worth losing everything for?  How far would you go?

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Happy reading!

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