5 Reasons Snotgirl Volume 1 Disappointed

Fashion blogger Lottie doesn’t really lead the perfect life her photos portray – in reality her boyfriend has dumped her, she hates her friends and she is struggling with her allergies.  The premise of Snotgirl is good, right?  I love Bryan O’Malley, but here is five reasons that Snotgirl is just (s)not as good as his other works:

1.) TOO MUCH HATE.  Where’s all the love?  Female relationships are portrayed really poorly, and I couldn’t relate to the friendship dynamics at all.  Lottie had annoying nicknames for her friends that really weren’t necessary, and she says early on they are all “horrible people”…

2.) LOST THE PLOT.  What is going on and why?  The story itself felt very jumbled, and it didn’t seem to know what genre it wanted to be.  Rather than being a successful contemporary mystery, it felt too confused.  There was something interesting in that Lottie’s allergy medication seemed to be having curious side effects, but it didn’t form enough of the plot to really make me want to read on and find out more.  Also… what on earth with John the detective’s creepy obsession with Lottie?  I don’t know, the whole thing is wrong to me.

3.) UNLIKABLE PROTAGONIST.  I didn’t even love to hate her, I just didn’t like her.

4.) ALLERGIES AREN’T SOMETHING TO BE ASHAMED OF.  Allergies suck, but it is important to find ways of living with them.  Lottie is so ashamed of her allergies that she keeps them a secret from those around her.  I can only hope in time part of her character development will be to open up about them.

5.) WEAK DIALOGUE.  Few conversations really drive the plot forward, and I got bored with the subject matter quite quickly.

Social media stars are quite influential these days, and I was hoping this behind-the-scenes look at a fashion blogger’s life would be fascinating.  I did enjoy the outfits and characters, and I did find the pressure on Lottie to be perfect really interesting, but as a whole the story just wasn’t successfully pulled off.  I would be intrigued to learn if things pick up in later volumes, but I’m not convinced I’d be willing to spend money to find out.


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