26 Things Before 26

Bowling for Soup Gig

It’s that time of year again: my birthday. I’ve had an amazing twelve months of adding experiences to my 25 Things Before 25 list. Highlights include helping to run a table in MCM’s Comic Village at the London Expo, taking my sister to Disneyland Paris for her sweet sixteen, experiencing real snow for the first time, and moving out. I mean really every single thing on that list has contributed towards my self-development over the past year, whether it be the self-care of a yoga routine (I can touch my toes for the first time in my life!), or the progression of my career. Several points mentioned my successes at work, and I can’t really emphasise enough how important my job is to me, so these milestones in particular have really challenged me this year and helped me grow.

I can’t wait to see what being 25 has in store for me. It will be the year my Mum will have recovered from a big operation, and I just can’t wait to add “seeing my Mum ride a horse again” to that list.

1.) Got headhunted at work for a management position – what a confidence boost!

2.) Experienced something quite horrible and scary that I will never forget, but had my friends and family come together to get me through it (I love you guys)

3.) Celebrated Games Done Quick with some of my best friends over a long weekend off work, with pizza and snacks. We made sure to order some of the GDQ t-shirts too!

4.) Watched my mum ride a horse for the first time in decades (it brought tears to my eyes!)

5.) Attended the British Firework Championship in Plymouth

6.) Hosted some of my best friends when they visited from up North – had a great time playing tourist in my own city.

7.) Saw the look on my sister’s face when she realised she had passed all of her exams. This marked the end of a long era, and I couldn’t be more proud!

8.) Cycled the Tarka Trail in North Devon (we made it to Bideford before admitting defeat and cycling back to Barnstaple!)

9.) Got nominated for an award at work (I didn’t win, but it was still pretty cool).

10.) Planned and attended an amazing event at work. My Team Leader rang me afterwards to tell me I was awesome.

11.) Visited Bristol with Neil for the first time, spending hours in the science museum, and eating far too much at Za Za Bazaar!

12.) Completed a charity event! I attended Glow in the Park with my friend, where we jogged through tunnels of waist-deep foam and attempted to dodge flying paint. It was only a 5km course, but it was enormous fun, and I will definitely be putting my name down for the next one!

13.) Saw Bowling for Soup, Patent Pending and Not Ur Girlfrenz play at an amazing (slightly rainy) gig in Bristol

14.) Attended several local art exhibitions (like I always said I would) and mused over the meaning behind some pretty abstract pieces














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