25 Things Before I Am 25

It was my birthday recently – I turned 24, which pushes me frightfully close to no longer being eligible for a Young Person’s Railcard (I sure have my priorities sorted…).  Time seems more precious as you get older, and I’ve decided I want to mark the next year by celebrating 25 life-affirming things I do in the next 12 months, before I turn 25.

I don’t want to write a bucket list with items to cross off, I want to stay completely open-minded, and allow experiences to happen as and when.  I want them all to be very different – experiences which shape my identity, or are just plain awesome.  Saying that, there’s definitely a few things I hope I’ll be able to achieve, including giving blood and taking part in a charity event – watch this space!

You can find the list below, which I’ll be updating over the year:

1.) Helped to run a Comic Village table at MCM London Comic Con

2.) Saw my favourite band, Madina Lake, in their reunion tour in Cardiff

Doctor Who Experience

3.) Doctor Who Experience

3.) Visited the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff (and volunteered to help in the interactive element!)

4.) Went to a wedding as an adult (weddings were always the thing I got dragged to by my parents – it was wonderful to attend as a guest in my own right for the first time)

5.) Started practicing yoga regularly (I love how it makes me feel, and I’ve found the time to work it into my weekly schedule)

6.) Went on a steam train for the first time since childhood (possibly the most excited I’ve been all year)

7.) Helped to deliver an amazing event at work (such a confidence boost!)

8.) Visited Disneyland Paris with my sister at Halloween

9.) Successfully extended my contract at work – more hours, more opportunities to grow in a job I love!

10.) Got taken on a date, a real date, with dinner in a nice restaurant, a big box of chocolates, and pretty flowers (and I never thought I was a flowers kind of girl before then!)

















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June 11, 2017
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