2018: The Whirlwind

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2018 was a whirlwind, mostly for good reasons.

There were a lot of changes this year, so I cut myself some slack and just enjoyed living frivolously in my new life away from home.  I kept in mind my goals for the year though, and achieved almost everything I set out to do at the beginning of the year.

I set myself five areas to focus on over the year, and I didn’t do too badly in the end…


Although I didn’t get the paints out particularly this year, I got creative in other areas: with cooking, with projects at work.  I also buried myself in the planner community, something I had only really dabbled in until 2018.  I have now bought myself a Passion Planner and hope to keep up the creativity into next year too.


I finally moved out properly, which I had been looking forward to for a long, long time.  For eight months I lived alone in a city I had never lived in before, and enjoyed all of the benefits of having a house all to myself.  Sadly, I had to move out of that little home due to circumstances out of my control, but I learnt so much about myself in that time, and this pitstop back home gives me an opportunity to save up for my next venture in 2019… watch this space!


I also got healthier this year.  I read Body Positive Power in January and started listening to my body more and decided that above all I wanted it to feel good.  Healthier living is a lifestyle choice, and I’ve been enjoying making those choices that are generally better for me, whilst making sure there is still plenty of time for cake!


This year I took part in Glow in the Park, a fun 5km course where participants must run through foam, fire and lasers to reach the finish line!  I’ll definitely be signing up again next year! I also booked myself in to give blood – the appointment is in January, so it will start off 2019 in an altruistic fashion!


I explained in my original goals post at the start of the year that I had lost my enthusiasm for longer writing projects and was becoming more interested in other writing forms.  This whirlwind of a year pushed writing right down the priority list, and for a while I felt disappointed that I wasn’t producing much written content.  However, I feel like life is a balance and though I might be writing less, I am working more, meeting new friends, staying fit and getting back into gaming again.  I always wrote for me, so when I’m good and ready I’m sure I’ll dig out these projects again.

Did you achieve everything you wanted in 2018?

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