2016 Audiobook Challenge

I enjoyed listening to audiobooks so much last year that I am signing The Book Nymphomyself up for the Audiobook Challenge again.

For those unfamiliar with the Audiobook Challenge, hosted by The Book Nympho and Hot Listens, allow me to summarise.  The aim of the challenge is to find a love of audiobooks or to nurture an existing love, bettering the number of audiobooks you listened to the previous year.  There are seven different levels to aspire to:

  • Newbie (1-5)
  • Weekend Warrior (5-10)
  • Stenographer (10-15)
  • Socially Awkward (15-20)
  • Binge Listener (20-30)
  • My Precious (30-50)
  • Marathoner (50+)

Last year I achieved the status of Weekend Warrior, listening to 8 audiobooks in total.  My wrap-up post for the 2015 Audiobook Challenge can be found here.  Through listening to audiobooks plucked randomly off Overdrive, I have been able to explore new genres and authors that I otherwise would have ignored.  I reckon, with the whole year ahead of me now, that I can reach Stenographer (10-15 audiobooks).

I swore that I would give myself less bookish goals this year, but I am allowing myself to indulge in just one or two.  This includes the Goodreads Reading Challenge, which to be fair doesn’t take much effort other than picking up books and reading them, with none of this ‘read a book with a red stripe across the front cover, 973 pages and written by an English pastry chef’ nonsense that weighed me down in challenges last year (if such a book exists, then a gold star for the one who finds it!)

What are your bookish goals for the year?  Will you be signing up to the Audiobook Challenge too?


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